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Towing Service in Harrisburg, PA

If you need to tow a race car, vintage vehicle, or any other kind of specialized car, truck, or other vehicle, trust the experts at Harrisburg Tow Service!

No matter what kind of specialty vehicle you need towed, Harrisburg Tow Service is the right company for the job! Though some may not think it necessary to hire a professional towing service when transporting a specialty vehicle, there are many benefits to taking the worry out of moving these precious pieces of cargo! Hiring a professional is a great way to make sure your specialized vehicle stays in optimal condition for many years to come.

We understand the care and precision that is required when transporting and towing a specialty vehicle. Our careful drivers will take every precaution and make sure that your cargo arrives to its destination safely and on time. We take pride in each and every service that we offer, and understand that specialty vehicles require a certain level of attention to detail. You can trust that your specialized vehicle is in capable hands. 

Our reliable drivers will take great care in the transportation of your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will be safe during the towing process – we’ve got you covered!

At Harrisburg Tow Service, we have extensive experience towing specialty vehicles. Upon receiving your initial inquiry, we will discuss with you your individual towing needs and the care requirements for your vehicle. We will then figure out what equipment will be required for the job. We will explain everything to you in detail to make sure that you are satisfied with the transportation process, and will then schedule a driver for your move. It really is that simple! 

With Harrisburg Tow Service, we take the hassle out of any move or transportation experience!

Call us at 717-265-9556 or fill out the form on this page for a free quote!

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