Dead Battery and Jump Start
Service in Harrisburg, PA 

You are in a hurry to drop your kids off at school, or heading to an important meeting. You,jump in your car only to find out your car won’t start and you don’t have access to jumper cables. Don’t scream in frustration!  Give Harrisburg Tow Service a call! 

There is a good possibility the cause of these problems is your battery. Our drivers at Harrisburg Tow Service are skilled and able to assess battery issues to help solve your vehicle problems quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes nothing seems more frightening or maddening than being stranded somewhere and not being able to start your car. It can happen anywhere – in your driveway, at work, running errands, or when you’re far from home! 

Harrisburg Towing Service is here to help. Upon receiving your call, we will come to your location as quickly as possible and assess the situation. If your battery is dead, we will jump start the battery and get your vehicle running again, simple as that. If the problem seems to be more than a dead battery, and perhaps a new battery is required altogether, we will provide you with our towing services to take you to the nearest automotive repair facility.

Our experienced technicians have learned the common cause of many different problems that drivers frequently experience, which is one reason why we are able to provide such high quality roadside assistance services. If you are stuck on the side of the road, don’t wait – call Harrisburg Tow Service today, and we’ll get you back in the fast lane!

If you happen to have jumper cables and find someone to help you, use these tips to safely jump your car.

If your car will not start, double check to make sure that the cables are connected properly. Keep your helpers car running for about 5 minutes and try starting your battery again.  If it still won’t start – you need Harrisburg roadside service.

If your car starts, drive around for 15 to 20 minutes to recharge your battery.  

Harrisburg Tow Service is local to the Harrisburg, PA area, and all of our drivers are highly skilled and qualified in all of the towing and roadside assistance services that we provide. 

Give us a call at 717-265-9556 or fill out the form for a free quote!

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